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Other Options -

-Inverted color LCD Screens - $20.00 USD

- Turn signal LED's any color - $10.00 USD

- Neutral, high beam, or any other LED $5.00 USD Each

Pricing / Buy it! -

The Hayabusa GPi cost is $335.00 USD

This includes USPS Express Shipping within the continental United States.

For other add-ons to this kit or International shipping, please email us for a quote!


What you get -

In this package you get

- Your choice of Gear LED colors

- Your choice of Backlighting LED colors

- Custom 1 wire harness.  This is 100% plug and play with OEM connectors and military grade wire

1999-2007 Hayabusa GPi

Gear Position Indicator

Here it is!  This is the Hayabusa gear indicator everyone has asked for.  

What it does -

The Gen 1 Hayabusa GPI has multiple uses and options.  Things start off when you turn the key on.  The GPI does a little start up sequence to let you know its working.  At this point you now have the option to select the brightness if you so desire.  From there if you have the red "Kill Switch" in the off position the GPi will warn you that the bike is in that mode.  Turn the "Kill witch on, and it will switch to whatever gear your're in.

  When you are in neutral, the GPi will make use of the 6 installed LED's and play an animation warning you that you are in neutral.  There are 7 user selectable animations in this mode.

All animations and brightness are stored on-board and you never have to worry about loosing your settings.