Welcome To Mod My gauges


Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you offer an exchange program?

No, we currently do not offer an exchange program for any gauges.  This is for multiple reasons.  Mainly, your mileage tends to be stored on the gauge cluster, and you would not receive the correct mileage back.  Also, we do not want to argue over condition, or reliability.

I don't want to modify my gauges, can I just buy a set from you?

Yes, we are able to get gauges for most motorcycles and vehicles but keep in mind this is a very costly way to do things.  Most clusters will start around $230.00  Please contact us for questions and pricing.

What is your turn around time?

Typically we have a one day turn around (excluding GPi mods(Add 2 days)).  If you use USPS Express 2-3 day Flat rate boxes and you ship on a Monday, you should receive your gauges back by that same Friday or Saturday.

Can I still use my motorcycle or vehicle?

Yes!  in 99% of motorcycles and vehicles your gauge cluster is not required for it to run.  Keep in mind you will need a way to monitor gas, temp, speed, and RPM if you choose to do this.  Mod My Gauges is not responsable for anything that may occur during the time you ride like this.  Typically customers will use a GPS or an App on your cell phone to monitor speed.

How do you accept payments?

We accept PayPal for all transactions!  We do this for your protection as well as ours.


What is your warranty?

We offer a 1yr parts and labor warranty on everything we do.  You however will be responsable for shipping charges.

How do ship / How do you suggest we ship?

We ship only USPS Express 2-3 Day.  We over insure packages for safety, depending on what work you are having done.

We HIGHLY suggest using USPS Express 2-3 Day Flat rate boxes for your package.  They offer the boxes free of charge at your local USPS.  Shipping this way will give you the fastest turn around time for the money.

I need gauges for a show, can you next day and expedite your work?

Absolutely!!!  Depending on your situation we are more then happy to accomidate quicker work times and turn around.  Please contact us for shipping costs and your needs.

Does the GPi work on other bikes?

Currently no.  If you are local or stopping by the Tacoma / Seattle, WA would be more then happy to see if we can retrofit it to your bike !

Do you offer Do-It-Yourself Kits?

Currently no, but we will be in the future.  Check back frequently!